Why do People fail the driving test in Saskatchewan? It can be very depressing. Hundreds of reasons can cause you to fail your driving exam, especially if you are not familiar with the rules of the road, traffic lights, and signals. In this article, we will go through each step and will explain the most common and the top reasons why people fail their road test on the first attempt.

9 Reasons - Why Do People Fail The Driving Test in Saskatchewan
Why Do People Fail The Driving Test In Saskatchewan? [9 Reasons] 4

9 Reasons – Why Do People Fail The Driving Test in Saskatchewan

1. Accelerating Too Fast (Exceeding the Speed Limit)

Almost all new drivers struggle at first to adjust to their car’s throttle. Because you are unfamiliar with the pedal’s sensitivity, you will most likely push down very hard and too rapidly. As a result, you exceed the speed limit and will fail the road test.

It’s ideal to practice gently pushing the accelerator to retain your body’s actions and sensations. You’ll soon figure out how your vehicle reacts. You’ll be able to utilize the accelerator quite efficiently.

2. At-fault Collision (50% or More Responsible)

We all know that we don’t have safe cars, safe roads, and behind the wheel is our life. Even though collisions are 100% preventable, most collisions happen due to driver errors or drivers’ inattention. We all agree that we are not perfect. Nobody is perfect in the entire world. So, if you are involved in a crash in which you are 50% or more faulty, you will fail your road test. It is one of the reasons for your question – Why Do People Fail The Driving Test?

3. Rolling Stop or Fail to Stop When Required

The most common mistake students make is not to come to a full stop. For example, it happens a lot on a stop sign. They either make a rolling stop, or they never stop. Some nervous students run the stop signs. 

Another major factor of the demerits point is not stopping at a red light when making a right turn.

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You must have heard this word which caused so many students to fail their road test. You should know pedestrians, including wheelchairs, motorized wheelchairs, and medical scooters. 

Most students fail to come to a full stop at a pedestrian crosswalk when red lights are flashing. For this reason, they will fail their road test because of a red-light violation.

Remember, JAYWALKERS are not considered pedestrians. That’s why we do not encourage jaywalking. If you encourage jaywalking or show hand gestures to jaywalkers, you might fail your road test automatically.

You must yield the right of way to pedestrians when approaching an intersection or designated pedestrian crosswalk.

5. Fail to yield to the right way of vehicles and pedestrians

Failure to yield the right way to any pedestrians and motorists is one of the biggest mistakes students can make in their road tests. Failing to yield can mostly happen when you are approaching an intersection. New drivers often get confused or nervous when they face a yield sign, stop sign, uncontrolled intersection, and moderate to heavy traffic. For that reason, they don’t have any choice other than to make mistakes. 

Don’t know about traffic signs, rules of the road, and driving terminology. Join our online class.

6. Forget to wear a seatbelt

Whether you’re in the driving or the passenger seat, you must always wear a seatbelt. Unfortunately, many learners fail their road test immediately when the examiner reminds them to buckle up. This might be due to several things, including nervousness, worry, and uneasiness.

Wearing a seatbelt not only increases your chances of surviving in a crash, but it also keeps you in your seat and decreases the significant forces your body experiences in the event of a collision. 

Why Do People Fail The Driving Test
Why Do People Fail The Driving Test In Saskatchewan? [9 Reasons] 5

7. Bad Parallel Parking 

That is a big one! One of the most important elements in your class 5 road test is to parallel park properly. Unfortunately, beginner drivers fail at this one. WHY? They are either confused about which direction they need to turn the wheel when backing up or they hit the curb too hard. Few drivers waste so much time in parallel parking by moving their vehicles forward or backwards. As a result, more chances of getting demerits points or worst come to worst, the examiner is not satisfied with your parallel parking. Your question – Why Do People Fail The Driving Test will vanish when you remember this important thing.

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8. Disobey Traffic Lights

As the name suggests “DISOBEY” traffic lights, when approaching an intersection and facing a yield sign, stop sign, and traffic lights, and you don’t react according to the provided sign, this dangerous action can be an automatic failure. Since you fail to observe the traffic lights or signs, you may be intervened by an SGI examiner as your dangerous action might lead to a collision.

9. Combination of Minor Mistakes

When you make any minor mistakes, they keep adding in your demerit points and can cause failure to pass the road test. A few examples of minor mistakes are following too closely, forgetting to cancel signals after a lane change, not checking mirrors, not shoulder checking, driving with one hand, not driving in the centre of your lane, not following the SGI examiner’s request, and expecting assistance of the examiner. 

9 Reasons People Fail Driving Test in Saskatchewan
Why Do People Fail The Driving Test – 9 Reasons


Students do fail their road tests many times, but it’s not the end of the world. Remember, driving is a skill and lifelong driving skills need time to get better. The only way to become a safe, confident, and mindful defensive driver is to practice with an SGI Certified Driving Instructor. 

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