Useful Driving Videos

How to shoulder check

3 seconds following distance with the vehicle in front of you

Vision and SIPDE

Know all about STOP SIGNS + Right of way rules

How Zipper Merge Works

6 Basic Driving Conditions

SGI – Distracted Driving Kills: Coffee

SGI – Distracted Driving Kills: Lipgloss

SGI – Distracted Driving Kills: Occupants

SGI – Distracted Driving Kills: Purse

SGI – Distracted Driving Kills


Road Rage Video

The Dangers of Driver Fatigue

Alcohol and the Body

Public Service Announcement (PSA) About Weed And Driving

SGI Driving Without Impairment

Video Demonstration of Standard Field Sobriety Test

How to share the road with transport trucks

Take longer to look for bikes / motorcycles

60 Second Driver – Railway Safety

How to Pass on a Two-Lane Road | Comedy Defensive Driving

Everybody Hurts!!

The truth about drinking

Parallel Parking

Vision in driving part 1

Vision in driving part 2

Vision in driving part 3

How to adjust your speed when turning

Parking Lot Road Rage

Tunnel vision

google review
63+ Useful Driving Videos 2

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Proper following distance

Night driving tips and tricks

Controls of the car

Circle check

How to change your tire

One student’s story about the consequeses drunk driving

Right To Decide – Driver Condition

Rules of the Road: Emergency Vehicles – YouTube

Problem new driver faces while parking

Safe driving on gravel road

How to drive out of skid

How to determine when it’s safe to pass

Railway Accident

How to boost a car

Winter driving tips

Driving at night

Padestrians in the dark video

How to correct a skid

How to survive a car accident

2016 SGI Road Safety Campaign

SGI – Distracted Driving Kills: Texting

Everything Else Can Wait

NRSF Tailgating and The 3-Second Rule


Left Hand Turn Demonstration

How To Turn Right At An Intersection

How To Stay Centered In Your Lane

10 Tips For New Drivers

AskAnExaminer Part 1

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