SGI Mandatory Driver Education

SGI Mandatory Driver Education 

If a driver has a class 7 license, then he or she is not eligible for higher class of license unless he or she has completed the mandatory driver education exam or the high school driver education program. He or she should also have received at least 6 hours of in-class and 6 hours of in-car teaching lessons from a SGI certified driving teacher. 

SGI 6 by 6 is mandatory driver education offers its students with 6 hours of in class and 6 hours of in-car instructions. The six hours in-class and six hours in-car also sometime called SGI Mandatory Driver Education. We are also capable of providing our students 6 hours of in class instructions online during weekdays and on weekend too. 

Mandatory Driver Education Overview 

The 6 hours of in class and 6 hours of in-car compromises of the following – 

  • We cover the basic principles that are used in the backing maneuvers. 
  • We provide gravel as well as highway driving experience. 
  • How to drive on highway and gravel road
  • Lanes are properly used on multi-lane streets. 
  • We teach our students the complete process of taking proper decent turns. 
  • The concept of utilizing Time as a safety judgment tool. (Time Technique)
  • What is proper visual search patterns
  • The IPDE concept will be reinforced. 
  • Clear and proper visual search patterns. 
  • The factors that positively influence private motivation to drive responsibly and safely will be reinforced. 
  • The basic principles used in the backing maneuvers
  • Proper procedures for making turns (left and right)

6 In-car lessons include – 

  • Your driving will be evaluated time-to-time. 
  • The cars provided will be dual controlled to ensure your proper safety and security. 
  • This package is also provided in multiple languages such as English, Punjabi, Hindi & Urdu
  • The timings of the classes can be adjusted according to your availability i.e. the timings of the courses are flexible. 
  • As promised, you will be picked up and dropped off at your desired location free of cost. If you are from Saskatoon and Regina.
  • If it is required by you, then we can also provide pre and post follow up lessons
  • You will be awarded with SGI certificate when you complete the course successfully. 

You will be glad to know that the travel time of our is never included or deducted from the duration of the course. 

Note – Kindly note that the certificate will be mailed to you if you are from out of Saskatoon

Our driving phases include – 

  • Final review driving
  • One way driving 
  • Highway driving 
  • Gravel driving 
  • City driving 
  • Basic driving Skills

We also professionalize our students in various kinds of parking which include Parallel Parking, Angle parking, Nose-in Parking and Reverse Parking. 

You can contact us for registration process and we will get back to you as soon as possible within online training registration link

Also, if you do not have a car to practice for your big day – DO NOT worry as We can provide you one (Rental Car) – Yes, we also have that option available exclusively for you. 

Do message us with your confirmed road test location, time and date so that we can properly schedule your road test package. 

Please contact us at 306-880-8043 or message us directly in case you have any questions or concerns. 

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