Today we will discuss the most common mistakes on the road test. The driving test is the last key that you need to put correctly in the keyhole to earn your driving license – and for that, you need to prepare relentlessly as one would pursue some other examination.

Simple Criteria For Driving Test –

If you commit a mistake à Points get deducted accordingly.  

Let’s be honest – Some mistakes are allowed during the driving test, however, some common driving mistakes committed by candidates lead to an automatic fail. And believe it or not, this doesn’t depend on what your driving test score would otherwise have been!

most common mistakes on the road test

Below – mentioned are some of the common mistakes that you need to avoid on your D – DAY. Along with it are some tips on how to tackle them –

1.    Accelerator Says ‘Go Easy On Me’

Straightforward Talk – Go easy on the accelerator and ensure that you adhere to the speed limits.

Tip – Kindly do not behave like an expert in front of the examiner.

2.    PP stands for Parallel Parking

Do not run over the curb or hit other cars if your state requires a demonstration of parallel parking ability. This is one of the most common mistakes on the road test.

Tip – Do not roll over the curb. However, it is fine to touch it.

3.    The Objects In The Mirror At The Driving Test Are Closer Than They Appear In Regular Driving

It is a tried and tested advice to check your mirrors more frequently than one typically would during driving. Most candidates completely forget to regularly check their side and rearview mirrors during the test.

Besides the test, you should always have a good idea about the exact location of other vehicles with respect to your car (even if you aren’t changing lanes).

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4.    Keep a Safe Distance – Don’t Honk

Do not follow the traffic too closely that’s in front of you. This is of prime importance to have enough reaction time to keep you and your co-passengers safe from any casualty that may occur in case the vehicle in front of you brakes or swerves suddenly.

5.    Hard Braking Or Soft Braking – Know The Difference

Soft braking is preferred while stopping or slowing down, while hard braking is only acceptable in emergency circumstances.

Tip – Be familiar with how hard or soft the brakes are in the vehicle that you will use on your D – day.

6.    Say NO to Changing Lanes In An Intersection

Even if you are following the protocols for proper lane changes or the lane is clear, or whether you are making a turn or going straight – NEVER CHANGE LANES WHEN PASSING THROUGH AN INTERSECTION. It is the most common mistake on the road test that you should avoid always.

7.    Set The Speed Limit As Per The Conditions

Tip – If there’s a sign of traffic congestion, an accident, fog, or rain – slowing down to a safe speed seems like an intelligent decision.

These are necessarily the times when it’s not safe to drive at the speed limit.

8.    Unlikely, But The Following Can Happen –

FREEWAY MERGING – Highly unlikely that it happens during your driving test, but if it does, ensure to merge safely from the entrance into the traffic at a safe speed.

Tip – An unsafe situation might arise if you stop at the end of the ram rather than merging – TRY AVOIDING SUCH CIRCUMSTANCES.

9.    Which Way To Go, Which To Not; What Move To Make, What To Not

Imagine This: You reach an intersection with stop signs, specifically at 4–way stops and you see that other cars are waiting at the intersection (for you to test your driving skills :D).

What Will You Do? What Will Be Your Next Step?

Wait for your turn and then press the accelerator at the right moment.

Tip – Ensure to indicate which way you are turning!

Did You Know that the car to the right has the right to make the first move if 2 cars arrive at an intersection simultaneously?


You need to unplug that stereo and phone during your driving test – Sheer common sense, but I tell you that there are candidates out there who think or fidget with other things while taking the driving test.

Tip – Keep your mind on the road + Focus on the driving task assigned = 100% PASS RESULT (Aceing Your Driving Test).

11. ‘3’ And ‘9’ Are The Keys To Success

A tried and tested technique to help you drive effectively is to keep both your hands on at 3’o clock and 9’o clock on the steering wheel.

Tip – You should always use both your hands while taking a driving/driver’s test.

12. The Correct Method To Change Lanes

  • First of all, observe carefully.
  • Turn on your signal.
  • Check your side as well as your rearview mirrors.
  • Turn your head to check for any vehicle that might be in your blind spot.
  • Change the lanes when it is absolutely clear.

Tip – Be sure to keep your speed up, but watch out for the traffic in front of you too.

most common mistakes on the road test
What Are The 16 Most Common Mistakes On The Road Test? 4

13. . Before —- [Full Stop Before The Demarcation Line]

Incomplete stops or rolling stops are one of the most common mistakes candidates commit during their driver’s test. Most of the drivers slow down, but cannot put their vehicle to a complete halt before the demarcation line.

You need to understand that it is essential and of prime importance to stop behind the line.

14. Reversing Skills > Other Skills

That’s something basic – but it is always expected that you know how to use the reverse gear perfectly.

Tip – Master your reversing skills by trying to park in tight spaces.

15. The most effective approach to establishing a positive 1st impression – PUNCTUALITY.

  • Double cross–check the RTO address you require to arrive at.
  • Ensure you know where to report.
  • Be on time for your driver’s test.

Tip – Reach 30 minutes before the scheduled time at the location and converse with other candidates to get a rough idea of what to expect over there. Check out our car rental service

16. It’s The D – E – T – A – I – L – S That Matter

Smallest Details à Confidence Level Increases

  • Use the parking lights when reversing the car.
  • You should know how to reverse your car only in reverse gear – there shouldn’t be an ounce of doubt to use the upper gear in the process.
  • Your car must have an L sign on the back and at the front.


The aforementioned tips can be easily applied and enforced during your driving test, so ensure that you have sufficient driving practice to implement them completely, without committing any errors. And it will help to avoid the most common mistakes on the road test.

Takeaway Tip –

  • Follow safe driving instructions
  • Relax
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Follow aforesaid tips, and

you will pass your driving test the 1st time with flying colours. You can follow our facebook pages to get more tips about driving that help you to eliminate your most common mistakes on the road test with safety.

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