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In this page, you will find all the frequently asked questions related to Aim driving school and about driving courses asked by many individuals across various platforms. 

A. Yes, you will be getting a certificate when you complete this training and the certificate will be mailed to the email address that you provided to us during your registration process. Weekend online training sessions will be provided to you as per your availability and comfortably. 

Yes, the time of such a course is very flexible according to your availability. You can text us with your first and last name and we will be back with your registration link as soon as possible. You can easily register using that registration link. 

A. Yes, you can use the car of the instructor for the road driving test, but we would like to notify you that it will be available to you at an extra cost and we will be also providing you an hour long brush up lesson before you take your road test driving exam. We are happy to inform you that this service will also include free pickup and drop off service at your desired location. 

A. Yes, you will be eligible for getting a driver education certificate when you successfully complete your 6 and 6 hours driving training program. 

A. No, it is not mandatory to complete your in class training lessons before you start or begin your in-car driving training lessons. However, if you may ask me, I would recommend you to complete In car first. This is because, you will have a clear knowledge about the traffic signals and signs, rules of the road and all the basic information related to driving on the road for your safety as well as other people safety who are on the road while you are driving your vehicle. 

A. We accept all the major methods of payments available. You can pay us through cash, e-transfer ([email protected] or Mobile 306.880.8043), bank drafts as well as certified cheques. You only need to pay us when you start your in-car driving learning course. If you require, we can also provide you with the receipts for the same on demand. 

A. To register for 6 and 6 commercial training, text us with your first name + last name and you will be provided with the registration link ASAP. You can easily register your in-class session with the registration link provided. 

A. Yes we can provide you our rental car for road driving test + we also offer one hour brush up lessons before your driving test to make it easier for you to pass your road driving test in the very first attempt. We were like to inform you very happily that if you rent a car from us for your Road driving test, then we will also offer you free pick up and drop off service at your desired location.

A. You can contact at the number 18448552744 or Visit at 623 – 2nd Ave. N, Saskatoon – Once you feel confident about dating your driving test. 

A. I would like to make it very clear that our driving school provides driving education in automatic cars as they are easy to learn and drive. I would also recommend all our students to focus on speed, mirrors, pedestrians and other vehicles on the road while you are driving your car.  

A. If we go by SGI practice law for a new drivers, then it is recommended that a new driver should practice at least a minimum of 36 hours behind the wheels. 
If I talk practically then the number of lessons an individual require to learn driving completely depends upon how much or how little effort he or she is willing to put. You need practice, the more you do, the more you will get better. So each lesson with the instructor makes you better. You can practice same with your own vehicle as much as you can.

A. We will be very honest with this answer. You are required to have your driving lessons with our SGI certified driving instructor only in the safe vehicle with dual control equipped vehicle.

If you really want to get tutored in your own vehicle or your family car, then a maximum of what we can do for you is, we can provide you with a supervising driver teacher who can help you in every step for basic driving suggestions and maneuvers. 

Doing this will provide a positive experience for both you and your driver. 

A. Come on! We are known for teaching and delivering each and every lesson in many different languages. You can choose any of our driving courses and get it delivered to you specifically in many different languages such as English, Punjabi, Hindi & Urdu. 

A. Graduated driver license 6 and 6 program in Saskatchewan contains six hours in car and six hours in class training for a student, who has not completed driver training through a Saskatchewan high school driver program of education. 

A. In order to get a class 7 learners license you need to pass 3 exams. The first one is the basic knowledge exam, the second one is the signs exam and the third one is a vision test. If you want to practice for this license, then you can practice by studying the Saskatchewan driver’s handbook and taking various interactive online practice quizzes for the same. You can practice exams from SGI official website

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