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On this page, you will find all the frequently asked questions (faqs) related to Aim driving school and about driving courses asked by many individuals across various platforms. 

A. Yes, you will be getting a certificate when you complete this training and the certificate will be mailed to the email address that you provided to us during your registration process. Weekend online training sessions will be provided to you as per your availability and comfortably. 

Yes, the time of such a course is very flexible according to your availability. You can text us with your first and last name and we will be back with your registration link as soon as possible. You can easily register using that registration link. 

A. Yes, you can use the car of the instructor for the road driving test, but we would like to notify you that it will be available to you at an extra cost and we will be also providing you an hour long brush up lesson before you take your road test driving exam. We are happy to inform you that this service will also include free pickup and drop off service at your desired location. 

A. Yes, you will be eligible for getting a driver education certificate when you successfully complete your 6 and 6 hours driving training program. 

A. No, it is not mandatory to complete your in class training lessons before you start or begin your in-car driving training lessons. However, if you may ask me, I would recommend you to complete In car first. This is because you will have a clear knowledge about the traffic signals and signs, rules of the road and all the basic information related to driving on the road for your safety as well as other people safety who are on the road while you are driving your vehicle. 

A. We accept all the major methods of payments available. You can pay us through cash, e-transfer ([email protected] or Mobile 306.880.8043), bank drafts as well as certified cheques. You only need to pay us when you start your in-car driving learning course. If you require, we can also provide you with the receipts for the same on demand. 

A. To register for 6 and 6 commercial training, text us with your first name + last name and you will be provided with the registration link ASAP. You can easily register your in-class session with the registration link provided. 

A. Yes we can provide you our rental car for road driving test + we also offer one hour brush up lessons before your driving test to make it easier for you to pass your road driving test in the very first attempt. We were like to inform you very happily that if you rent a car from us for your Road driving test, then we will also offer you free pick up and drop off service at your desired location.

A. You can contact at the number 18448552744 or Visit at 623 – 2nd Ave. N, Saskatoon – Once you feel confident about dating your driving test. 

A. I would like to make it very clear that our driving school provides driving education in automatic cars as they are easy to learn and drive. I would also recommend all our students to focus on speed, mirrors, pedestrians and other vehicles on the road while you are driving your car.  

A. If we go by SGI practice law for a new drivers, then it is recommended that a new driver should practice at least a minimum of 36 hours behind the wheels. 
If I talk practically then the number of lessons an individual require to learn driving completely depends upon how much or how little effort he or she is willing to put. You need practice, the more you do, the more you will get better. So each lesson with the instructor makes you better. You can practice same with your own vehicle as much as you can.

A. We will be very honest with this answer. You are required to have your driving lessons with our SGI certified driving instructor only in the safe vehicle with dual control equipped vehicle.

If you really want to get tutored in your own vehicle or your family car, then a maximum of what we can do for you is, we can provide you with a supervising driver teacher who can help you in every step for basic driving suggestions and maneuvers. 

Doing this will provide a positive experience for both you and your driver. 

A. Come on! We are known for teaching and delivering each and every lesson in many different languages. You can choose any of our driving courses and get it delivered to you specifically in many different languages such as English, Punjabi, Hindi & Urdu. 

A. Graduated driver license 6 and 6 program in Saskatchewan contains six hours in car and six hours in class training for a student, who has not completed driver training through a Saskatchewan high school driver program of education. 

A. In order to get a class 7 learners license you need to pass 3 exams. The first one is the basic knowledge exam, the second one is the signs exam and the third one is a vision test. If you want to practice for this license, then you can practice by studying the Saskatchewan driver’s handbook and taking various interactive online practice quizzes for the same. You can practice exams from SGI official website

There’s a hidden truth in the aforementioned question: Yes, you do require a good driving school in Canada for acquiring best driving training + learning the best skill set for setting your hands behind the wheels.

The driving school in Canada and the driving courses they offer are need of the hour because –

  • The driving instructor will take care of your weaknesses and the means to improve them.
  • Tips related to safe driving will be provided.
  • A comprehensive solution will be provided to all the dangers associated with driving.

In Saskatchewan, Canadian driving schools can offer following

  1. High school driver education (30 Hours in Class and 6 Hours in Car Training)
  2. Commercial 6 and 6 training (6 hours in Car and 6 Hours in Class Training)
  3. Brush up lessons/Driving lessons (As much you required)
  4.  The cost of for 6 and 6 is $600-$800

If you are a beginner (irrespective of your age), you are required to complete all the stages of the GDL (Graduated Driver Licensing) programme –

  1. Acquire a Class 7 learner’s license
  2. Complete the driver’s education
  3. Acquire a Class 5 Novice 1 license
  4. Practice as a Novice One driver
  5. Practice as a Novice Two driver
  6. Graduate to an expert Class 5 driver
How To Get Started?
  1. Study by yourself.
  2. Acquire the requisite high school driver ed.
  3. Get your non-driver photo ID card with your customer number
  4. Create MySGI account
How To Acquire Your Class 7 Learner’s License?

Study by yourself and get the necessary high school education after acquiring the basic knowledge of the exam. The exam comprises a vision as well as a sign test.

How To Acquire Your Class 5 Novice 1 License?

Pass Class 5 Road Test.

What’s Next?

You need to practice as a novice 1 driver for six months and as a novice 2 driver for a year under the GDL driving restrictions.

How To Graduate to An Expert Class 5 Driver?
  • Successfully complete the GDL programme
  • You do not have any license suspensions or convictions in traffic conflicts
  • You are not responsible for a collision

in a year of your novice 2 driver training.

For more information, please check on SGI Website

Short Answer –

  1. High school driver education (30 Hours in Class and 6 Hours in Car Training)
  2. Commercial 6 and 6 training (6 hours in Car and 6 Hours in Class Training)

Long Answer –

Professional driver training can help you or your ward if any one of you is about to set your hands behind the wheels.

You might select any of the following depending on your needs –

  • In-car lessons + class instructions
  • Only in-car lessons

A professionally qualified mentor can aid you to get comfortable managing a vehicle in-all types of road and traffic conditions. They can help prepare you for your road tests by behaving responsibly and learning driving skills.

The number of lessons or hours that you need to put in entirely depends on how quickly you can learn.

However, 12 hours of in-car lessons and 16 hours of in-class instructions are required to successfully pass the test.

Bitter Truth: Everyone is different. It may consume 45 hours or 80 hours to learn to drive, but it is worth the time!

The Cherry On The Cake: The time consumed doesn’t even matter!

CRUX: You will be a confident and safe driver when the correct time arrives.

TipYou should discuss with your trainer whether longer lessons a week or shorter lessons are more suitable + what actually fits around your schedule.

Tips For Passing Your Road Test
  • Obey all traffic rules
  • Make decisions confidently
  • Stay calm
  • Ensure your vehicle is drive – ready
  • Master your parallel parking
  • Practice diligently

21 or more demerit points before you lose your license in Saskatchewan.

Your driver’s license will be suspended if you continue to have more incidents added to your driving bucket.

Note – You will be notified by the concerned authorities when the license suspension begins and terminates.

You will acquire a new longer suspension with each 3 plus demerit points against your name, received after completing DIT training.

  • First suspension for a month – 21 or more demerit points
  • Second suspension for three months – 24 or more demerit points
  • Third suspension for six months – 27 or more demerit points
Demerit PointsPenalty
33 or more pointsSGI manual review + penalty
30 or more pointsDriver improvement interview + penalty
27 or more pointsSix months suspension
24 or more pointsThree months suspension
21 or more pointsOne month suspension
18 or more pointsDriver Improvement Training (DIT)
15 or more pointsDefensive Driving Course
12 or more pointsWarning Letter
09 or more pointsProgramme Information Letter

Did You Know? Drivers will lose 2 points for every speeding ticket. It will result in higher penalties if the speeding is more than 35 km/h above the posted limit, or in a construction or school or zone.

The first concern that comes to your mind when you make up your mind to learn to drive is: The cost to attend driving school.

  1. You can easily find an all-inclusive package between $200 to $800 in Canada.
  2. The cost of actual on-road training runs between $50 to $150 per session.
  3. The classroom driver training is expected anywhere between $30 to $180.

Driving school cost depends on numerous factors, such as –

  • Gasoline cost
  • The price will vary between different cities and states
Crack The Best Deals On Driving School Canada
  1. R&D about the costs
    1. Compare the services and costs of different driving schools. This provides you with a clear-cut idea about which school offers the best bargains.
    2. You should be crystal clear about what you are expecting from a driving school and the price you are willing to pay for that service.
    3. What about their refund policy?
    4. Ask this: Will they offer you a chance to repeat the course at 0 costs, if God forbid, you fail the test.
  • The most used technique around the world: COMPARE THE OTHER SCHOOLS
  • Compare the instruction costs by ringing up different driving schools.
  • Your questions should sound like: Can you tell me about the testimonials from your past students? What are your success rates and the services you provide?
Look For The Following Characteristics In Your Car Before Getting Behind The Wheels –
  • Fully insured
  • Properly maintained
  • Dual control
Factors Considered Before Enrolling In A Driving School Canada
  • Thoroughly examine the vehicles to be used
  • Check the website of the driving school virtually and the school physically
  • Price shouldn’t be your ‘O-N-L-Y’ criteria. Some driving schools offer the best, competitive rates for a reason. Others provide a payment plan that can even look the most expensive schools affordable.

Graduated Licensing Program: This is the name given to the programme one needs to go through, to earn his/her driver’s license to drive in Canada. This will be your first step on the journey to learn to drive in America’s hat.

The process of the Graduated Licensing Program typically consists of 3 main steps –

  1. Knowledge Written Examination – You will earn a learner’s permit when you successfully pass the knowledge written examination. It is sometimes conducted in the form of an eye test.

Caution – An experienced driver should always accompany you while you are driving with this permit. YES, YOU CAN NOT DRIVE ALONE.

  • Road Test – An intermediate permit will be earned after the practice of a year of sheer hard work. DRIVE ALONE NOW, BUT NOT IN THE COMPANY OF ANY DRUG, ALCOHOL, OR ELECTRONIC DEVICE .
    • Full License Road Test – Appear for this test after 1 – 2 years of driving.

Note – The years between the aforementioned tests and the tests themselves vary for each territory/province with their specifications.

Did You Know that you can exchange your driver’s license for a Canadian one?

The protocols, rules, and regulations are different for –

  • Visitors
  • Students
  • SAWP foreign workers
  • Temporary foreign workers
  • Permanent residents
Eligibility To Get A Saskatoon Driver’s License
  • First of all, you need to register yourself in a High School Driver Education Program.
  • Minimum 15 years of age.

If you are not registered with a High School Driver Education Program, then your age should cross the 16 years mark.

Note – Guardian/Parental consent is mandatory for anyone below 18 years of age.

Steps To Get A Saskatoon Driver’s License
  1. You should be thoroughly prepared for the signs and knowledge examinations.
  2. Schedule an appointment at a driver’s exam office. You can also book and prepay online with MySGI to appear for the examination.
  3. Pay $25 CAD as the fee for appearing for the examination.
  4. Pass the vision test with flying colors.
  5. Next, you are required to show two pieces of a valid ID that proves your residency and identity in Saskatoon.
  6. You will receive your learner’s license once you pass the knowledge examination. You will be considered a learner with a Class 7 license.
  7. The fee payment can be done in 2 modes –
  8. One upfront payment of $100 CAD, or
  9. 5 annual payments of $25 CAD.
  10. The waiting period begins now. You need to wait at least ¾ of a year i.e. nine (9) months before applying for a Novice One (1) license.

Did You Know that you can legally use your valid full driver’s license from another country/province while going for a ride in Saskatoon?

Suggestion – Do carry IDP (International Driver’s Permit) from your home nation if your foreign license isn’t French or English.

Three months. Ninety days. You have three months (after settling in Saskatoon) to use your current foreign driver’s license anywhere in the province.

Please check the updated fee on SGI Website

There are four steps involved in earning a driver’s license in Saskatchewan, each possessing a different duration. The 4 steps are –

  1. Learner’s License – A driver must hold a learner’s license for at least 9 months and complete driver’s ed before graduating to the next level.
  2. Class 5 Novice 1 License – A driver is required to hold a Class 5 Novice 1 License for a minimum of 6 months.
  3. Class 5 Novice 2 Driver’s License – A driver is expected to continue driving for a period of an year.
  4. Class 5 License – You will need to show you have driven for a year incident – free to successfully receive a full driver’s license in Saskatchewan.

Summing the aforesaid steps,

A period of at least (9 months + 6 months + 12 months ) 3 years and 3 months are required to get a driver’s license in Saskatchewan.

Fee Structure For A Driver’s License In Saskatchewan

Replacing license with new picture$30 CAD
Replacing license with existing picture$15 CAD
5 – year license renewal5 annual payments of $25 CAD, or $100 CAD
Class 5 Road Test$55 CAD
Written Examination$25 CAD

The Class 5 Driver’s License Saskatchewan is the end stage of the Saskatchewan Graduated Drivers License Programme. It is administered by the Saskatchewan Government Insurance Corporation or the SGI.

You must 1st pass the Saskatchewan learner’s license and then qualify for the Saskatchewan novice license road tests if you wish to earn a SASK driver’s license.

It is Saskatchewan’s full – privilege, unrestricted driving license. The Class 5 driver’s license in Saskatchewan allows you to complete access to all the good things available to basic passenger vehicle drivers in Saskatchewan.

With great things, come great responsibilities that are only operable within the laws.

Class 5 Driver’s License is allocated to –

  • Vehicle/Vehicles registered in Class PC or PB when used expansively for transportation, for hire, not over twenty – four passengers with a disability, and attendants to those passengers.
  • Class 1, 2, 3, or 4 vehicle/vehicles as a learner with correct endorsement (at least 18 years of age and not a novice driver).
  • Trucks with over 2 axles registered in the farm class when towing vehicle/vehicles where the weight of the towed vehicle/vehicles doesn’t exceed 4600 kgs
  • Trucks with over 2 axles registered in the farm class
  • Two – axle farm trucks towing any vehicle
  • Ambulances and taxis when not used for hire
  • Three – axle motorhomes
  • Buses when they are not transferring passengers
  • Vehicles in tow, two – axle vehicles having a trailer/trailers, vans, cars not exceeding 4600 kgs

Learner drivers should be aware of the rules and regulations that apply to them before heading out behind the wheels.

Short Answer: NO.

Long Answer –

One cannot drive alone as a learner. At all costs, you must be in the company of a supervisor.

Definition Of Supervisor: Someone who is at least 21 years of age and possesses a full driving license for a minimum of three years.

BTW or FYI, the following protocols, rules, and regulations apply to supervisors as well as he/she is considered to be in control of the vehicle –

  • He/she cannot use a handheld cell phone while accompanying a learner.
  • He/she is not allowed to cross the drink drive limit.

Moreover, a learner cannot drive on a motorway or without L plates.


  • You can drive your car or any car in the world.
  • Bring n number of passengers in your vehicle (not exceeding the legal limit, obviously).
  • Take your vehicle on any roads/streets. Motorways are an exception, my learner friend.
  • 0 time restrictions.

A Piece Of Advice – Take responsibility if you commit a driving offense, or are involved in an accident.

Did You Know?

  • One can begin building his/her ‘NO CLAIMS DISCOUNT’ before even passing the test!
  • Learners who learn outside of their lessons generally are safer drivers and possess a better pass rate.

Taking an average learner in mind, one requires 20 (Twenty) hours of practice to pass the driving test. This is in addition to 45 (Forty – Five) hours of driving lessons.

Note – The aforementioned is only an average number of hours you need before the D – DAY. You should never compare yourself with the number mentioned above as once a wise man said, EVERYONE, IS DIFFERENT.

Tip – The efficiency of a person behind the wheels is directly proportional to the more lessons he/she undertakes. There are high chances of an individual qualifying the test if he/she has spent higher number of hours practicing behind the wheels.

Some take longer, some take less to feel ready and comfortable to prepare for their big day – the crucial thing is to take the test when you are completely ready.

Recommendations –

  1. Kindly do not focus on being the 1st one to appear for the test in your friend’s group.
  2. Do not depend on your instructor for him/her to tell you when you are ready or comfortable. YOU WILL KNOW YOURSELF WHEN YOU ARE READY FOR THE TEST. You can also discuss with your trainer what ‘THE CORRECT TIME’ and he/she can best prepare you for the test.
Factors Affecting Driving Lessons One Need To Pass The Driving Test
  • Your learning style
  • The driving instructor
  • Your finances
  • How much does one practice privately
  • How frequently does one take driving lessons
  • Your A – G – E

Suggestion – It is suggested to spend 22 (Twenty – Two) hours on private practice with a friend or relative in THEIR car. Your ‘friend’ or ‘relative’ should act as your supervisor i.e. he/she should be more than 21 years of age and possess their license for a minimum of three years.

Good News For Visitors To Saskatchewan: Your current license provides you the same freedom and privileges it does in your home state, territory, and province. However, you are not  eligible to apply for a Saskatchewan driver’s license as a visitor in the province. You are only eligible for the aforesaid (or non – driver photo ID) if you possess a multi – year visitor visa.

Note – You are not required to register your vehicle/vehicles in Saskatchewan as a visitor unless you become a resident.

Full – time students as well as their immediate families are not required to exchange their driver’s license during the time they are staying here to attend the classes in an approved ed institute.

The Answer You Are Searching For: You might drive using your vehicle plates and Indian license for a period of three months after taking up residence in Saskatchewan (if you become a permanent resident in the province).

Recommendation – An IDP (International Driving Permit) as obtained in India is not required, but is strongly suggested for any foreign license that is not written in French or English.

Tip – Keep your valid IDP (International Driving Permit) or Indian License handy while driving.

Did You Know that a driver’s license in a language other than French or English should be translated when in Saskatchewan? An officer must be able to read the details on your driver’s license to avoid a fine that’s on your way if you are halted/interrupted by a police officer. Contact Saskatoon Open Door Society at 100, 129 3rd Ave North in Saskatoon for paid translation services.

  • A Novice 2 driver in Saskatchewan has the designation for a year without interruptions.
  • He/she must pass a road test and have a year without at – fault collisions, license suspensions, and traffic convictions.

Q. What if an at – fault collision, license suspension, or traffic conviction occurs?

A. The cycle of a year starts all over again. A novice 2 driver succeeds to a Class 5 driver’s license after this.

  • The restrictions imposed are somewhat similar to that of the learner’s phase. Also, there are 0 restrictions on riding times. The driver encounters fewer driving restrictions and earns more privileges as he/she progresses.
  • A novice 2 driver is also expected to display a novice placard.
  • He/she cannot use a cell phone or drive under the influence of alcohol.
  • The number of passengers = The number of seatbelts.
  • A novice 2 driver in Saskatchewan cannot act as a supervisor/supervising driver.
  • He/she isn’t eligible for earning a commercial driver’s license.

Experts believe that a novice 2 driver is a way to gradually move an amateur driver through until he/she has gained the requisite real-world experience on the road/street.

A novice 2 driver helps individuals to learn the rules of the road and be safe as most of these are young people with boiling blood. ‘THE MORE A NOVICE 2 DRIVER PRACTICES, THE MORE A NOVICE 2 DRIVER FEELS COMFORTABLE BEHIND THE STEERING’

The rules for new drivers in Saskatchewan are clear-cut and out there. If you are a new driver in the province, it is expected of you to successfully complete all the six stages of what is called the GDL (Graduated Driver Licensing) Programme –

  1. Acquire a Class 7 learner’s license
  2. Complete the driver ed successfully
  3. Acquire a Class 5 Novice 1 License
  4. Practice diligently as a Novice 1 driver
  5. Practice diligently as a Novice 2 driver
  6. Graduate to an expert Class 5 driver

Q. How to successfully accomplish the above laid down rules as a new driver?

A. Jump to the section ‘HOW DO I LEARN TO DRIVE IN SASKATCHEWAN’ on the page.

It’s not just that the rules are set for new drivers in Saskatchewan. Following laid are the schedules that are expected of the supervising driver –

  • He/she must not be a novice driver.
  • He/she should always accompany the learner driver in the front passenger seat.
  • A supervising driver should have held a valid license for a minimum of a year in the past 36 months.
  • Minimal Requirement – Hold a Class 5 driver’s license from the jurisdiction of United States Of America or Canada (Neighbour To The North).
  • He/she should be available at all times to take full control of the vehicle.

DID YOU KNOW that Driver Ed is an integral part of the curriculum in Saskatchewan? It is included in –

  • All Saskatchewan Public School collegiate during the school year,
  • 2 collegiate during the summers.

It is a ‘GRADE 10’ subject but is offered to students who have attained a minimum of 15 years of age at the commencement of the course.

Tip – You should apply when selecting subjects for next year or register at Student Services in your collegiate. If you wish to take 14 days summer school course, kindly register online.

The ‘HOW’ & ‘WHEN’ Of Driver Ed In Saskatchewan
  • Stating things chronologically, students are expected to pass the vision test and Class 7 learner’s test. They might purchase their Class 7 learner’s license.
  • Students must present the valid and signed health card along with their passport or birth certificate for the MySGI account in order to acquire the license.

Facts That No One Will Tell You – Kindly practice privately as much as possible as the clock times up way too fast in driver ed.

  • Your profile will be updated in the SGI when you successfully complete the course, so that you are eligible to appear for the D – DAY.
Syllabus Of The Driver Ed
  1. Students receive instructions on –
  2. Safely sharing the street/road with other vehicles in the city
  3. Effects of distractions, drugs, and alcohol on the task of driving
  4. Driving in adverse situations
  5. Defensive driving
  6. Correct eye usage
  7. Physical & mental driving components
  8. Road rules
  9. 6 hours of in – car instructions.
  10. 30 hours of theory instructions.
Eligibility Requirements For Driver Ed In Saskatchewan
  1. He/she should possess the capability to practice at home during the course of the programme.
  2. An applicant should have a customer no from any agency of SGI and a MySGI account.

The documents accepted are –

  • Treaty card
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Health Card

Should I tell you a secret? All of them should be valid.

  • The students should be minimum of 15 years of age at the commencement of the programme.

Have You Lost Your Driver Ed Certificate? Update your driving profile by citing requisite proofs at 306 – 683 – 8268.

Short Answer : Y – E – S

Explanation – No Class 7 license holder is eligible for a higher class of driver’s license unless:

  • He/she has received at least 6 hours of in – class and 6 hours of in – car instructions from a certified driving mentor, or
  • Successfully completed the High School Driver Ed Programme

Here’s An Invitation Exclusively For You – Your high school instructor will invite you and your parent/guardian to attend the Parent Information Night (PIN). Dare not to miss it!

Tip – Check the certification of your driving instructor before enrolling and investing your hard – earned money in a driving school. He/she must be properly SGI certified.

Your driving instructor will carry out one of the tasks mentioned below –

  • He/she will either issue you a Driver Ed Certificate, or
  • He/she will add your training record to the electronic SGI portal

Question Arises: What if you do not have a training record on the SGI portal?

Answer: You must present your Driver Ed Certificate to the examiner at Class 5 road test/tests.

Did You Know that you are still eligible to write the Class 7 license examination if you are placed on a waiting list even after being registered in a certified High School Driver Ed Programme (Assumption made: You are at least 15)? To appear for the aforesaid examination, you must present a copy of the Guarantor/Signature Form that proves you are enrolled or tend to enrol in a driver ed programme.

Q. Where to find the Guarantor/Signature Form?

A. Online – Download it from the SGI website.

Offline – Your high school is the address to be at!

Few Facts To Ponder Upon/Let’s Talk Facts N – O – W
  • All new drivers, irrespective of their age, are required to successfully complete 15 hours of on – road instructions + 24 hours of theoretical instructions, if they aim to set their hands on the driver’s license one day.
  • Quebec became the 1st province of Canada in 2010 to obligate new driver’s training.
  • 25% of new driver crashes à Fatality/Injury Confirmed.
  • New drivers have an almost 45% greater chance of being involved in a collision than veterans.
  • 62% of Canadians answered affirmatively when asked if they have ever enrolled in a driver’s training programme.
  • The leading cause of 16 – 25 year olds’ deaths – MOTOR VEHICLE CRASHES.
  • 88% of Canadians believe that it is a good idea to make driver’s training mandatory for all new drivers, irrespective of their age. The % escalated to the number 92 when ‘Only Young New Drivers’ came into the perspective of the question/survey.  

All in all, driver’s ed help create smarter drivers, that too at less expense as they reap the benefits of discounts on car insurance rates. However, no one will tell you that they need to successfully complete the course to avail the advantages.

You should definitely aim to become a driving instructor in Saskatchewan if you have a passion for driving defensively and are interested in the future of road safety.

Step 1: Fill out the Class 5 Driver instructor waiver.

Step 2: Medical and Ed

Step 3: Take your exams NOW!

Step 4: Time to pre-book your work placement practicum.

Step 5: Now you can complete your Class 5 driving instructor training course as you have met all your requirements.

Step 6: Take your work placement practicum with a certified driving school that is part of your high school driving school.

Step 7: Fill out an application for Class 5 Driver Instructor Certification to acquire it.

Responsibilities Of A Driving Instructor In Saskatchewan

  1. Successfully complete annual professional development programs.
  2. Upkeep and maintain driver training vehicle.
  3. Manage records for payment, training hours, and attendance.
  4. Administer vision screening and written tests (high school driver ed).
  5. Deliver and schedule in-car instructions.
  6. Deliver and schedule in-class instructions.

Driving instructor in Saskatchewan is a very responsible job as you get to make a difference in the lives of new drivers every passing day.

Roster addition to certified driver training school$15
Update or add a school on your certificate (each time)$40
Driver Instructor Certification$100
Class 5 Driver Instructor Training Program$2500
Validated Class 4 Driver’s License i$15
Pre-Trip Inspection$55
Road Test$55
Written Examination$85
Medical Exam Report$35 to $200
Vulnerable Sector Search and Criminal Record SearchUp to $300

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You can contact us at ([email protected] or by Mobile at 306.880.8043). Thank you! 

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