Defensive Driving Tips

The practice, or specifically the act of operating a vehicle in such a manner as to minimize collisions, specifically by looking out for and avoiding other people who are driving very badly in the middle of the road are known as Defensive driving tips.

Do you know what is the definition of a good driver of an automobile? He or she should be able to drive his or her vehicle or automobile in the most controlled manner, even when the other people (most people) on the road are not driving in the best of their form/mood or are not having the best of their day. A good driver should be always and always in control of their vehicle, automobile, reactions and actions, in short everything. 

Controlling your vehicle means to remain calm and maintain your ease behind the wheels of your car, while you are conducting a smooth movement of your vehicle within the traffic and on the road (obviously, needless to mention). 

Your goal as a good driver of your vehicle or automobile should be only one: You should disrupt traffic as less as possible for you. 

Defensive Driving Tips From Aim Driving School
Defensive Driving Tips

Defensive Driving Tips – Characteristics 


If you want to be a good defensive driver, then you should have proper knowledge of the traffic laws and should be perfect in the basics of your vehicle such as how to read lights and gauges on the dash, and how the brake system of his or her vehicle or automobile operates. 


One of the major characteristics of a good defensive vehicle automobile driver is that he or she is always alert and knows what is going around him or her on the road. They are well-rested and never consume any alcohol, drugs or other harmful substances that would hamper the quality of their driving as well as concentration on the road while driving their vehicle or automobile. 


A good defensive driver always has a keen foresight i.e. They always know what is going to happen in the next moment amid the traffic or on the road around them. These defensive driving tips help them to avoid several problems that may arise if they do not have such anticipatory senses. They anticipate crucial and potential hazards amid the traffic and on the road such as hazards from other pedestrians (people walking on the road), motorists, equipment and weather. They anticipate such risks and then undertake several adequate measures to minimize the potential risks and hazards. 


Good defensive drivers are fit by the mind as well as they are physically fit not to take and make risky manoeuvres such as being cool and not paying heed to the red traffic lights on the road. They follow all the traffic rules and advise others to do the same. These people can be termed as ‘sane’ and don’t pass until it is completely safe on the road. They also try to find out a proper, correct and plausible alternative solution to any occurring traffic situation.  It is one of the important defensive driving tips.


If you are a good defensive driver, then you will acquire all the technical skills required to operate your automobile or vehicle safely and securely through heavy traffic without putting any individual who is present on the road at that moment. A good defensive driver can pull through his vehicle or the automobile he or she is driving through any hazardous situation, no matter how adverse the conditions are. 

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