Car Rental for Road Test

Car Rental for Road Test In Saskatoon: Do you know that your vehicle, that is your car, should meet all the legal and safety standards before you hit the road for class 5 road test? 

If you do not have a car that meets all the legal and safety procedures and regulations for your big day, then you need not worry as we are here to arrange you with a rental car, exclusively for you. You should definitely try our rental car services so that you do not get surprised on your big test day. 

Even if you have already booked your road test and has scheduled it, then you need not worry as we will provide you with our rental vehicle at that time too. 

Here’s something that you need to know before hitting the road for your big test day – For example, if we provide you with the vehicle that you have your hands on practice in our course, then it will pose and provide you with a beforehand advantage on your road test big day.  Don’t you agree? 

It will also provide you to comfortably understand the operational and dynamic controls of the vehicle. 

car rental for road test in saskatoon
Car Rental for Road Test in Saskatoon

This program will also include a 60 minute warm up lesson just before your big day. This 60 minute warm up lesson is extremely beneficial and crucial for your success in the big road test day. It will heavily and highly influence your success percentage in your test day. 

🍰 The cherry on the cake : As we have already  promised you, we will pick you up from your desired location and drop you off at your desired location after you have come successfully completed your test  and even after the completion of your program with us. 

The Car Rental For Road Test In Saskatoon

This package includes –

  • We will provide you with the 60 minute refresher lesson just before your test
  • We prepare our students for Class 4 and Class 5 advanced road test full preparation. 
  • Your driving will be evaluated time-to-time. 
  • The cars provided will be dual controlled to ensure your proper safety and security. 
  • This package is also provided in multiple languages such as English, Hindi, Punjabi & Urdu. 
  • The timings of the classes can be adjusted according to your availability i.e. the timings of the courses are flexible. 
  • As promised, you will be picked off and dropped off at your desired location free of cost. 
  • If it is required by you, then we can also provide pre and post follow up lessons. 
  • You will be awarded with a certificate when you complete the course successfully. 

Note – Kindly note that the certificate will be mailed to the provided email address.

Do message us with your confirmed road test location, time and date so that we can properly schedule your road test package for your car rental road t. 

We also accept every major form of payment whether it be bank transfer, electronic transfer, cheque or cash. If you wish to pay by electronic transfer then you can email us on the provided email address ([email protected] or Mobile 306 880 8043). Thank you! 

Do contact us or message us directly in case you have any questions or concerns. 

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