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We focus on convenient, effective, efficient driving lessons at best competitive prices

At our Driving School, it really doesn’t even matter that if you are a beginner or you haven’t been behind the wheels ever in your life. 

This page will tell you everything that you need to know about us. 

Our SGI certified Driving School provides you with commercial and high school driver training i.e. 6 hours in car and 6 hours in class training in the region at best competitive prices with flexible timings. 

You will be provided a 6 and 6 certificate from our end, when you successfully complete your course. 

Our drivers team consists of highly skilled, trained professionals who are dedicated towards their job and adhere to their commitment of serving our students with utmost sincerity. 

We guarantee that no one can provide quality education than ourselves in the region, and that toward basic nominal prices and fees. Also, the range of courses that we provide in the driving business is unmatchable. 

Why do we stand apart from the line ?

The basic target of our academy is to keep ourselves and other drivers on the road safe, be a wonderful defensive driver and save time and money as much as possible. ​

You should keep one thing in mind when you join us – You will get the best training available by the most skilled instructors in the business. We will provide you with the most comprehensive and the finest, refined mandatory driver training. 

The cherry on the cake – Our students are provided with utmost personal attention by our (constantly verified) SGI approved driving teachers. 

We hope that you all allow us to train you behind the wheels by the help of our super trained and calm, friendly, positive and highly skilled teachers and driving educators.

Our Services

We focus on convenient, effective, efficient driving lessons at best competitive prices

  • Each course is available in many different languages such as English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Spanish and Pashto.
  • In class training available on weekends.
  • Multiple payment options are available to suit your payments and as per your convenience. 
  • SGI certified and highly skilled, trained teachers. 
  • We also provide free pickup and drop off service to your desired location. 
  • We also provide our students with the use of training cars for road test as rental vehicles. 
  • High quality service and education is provided by our SGI certified instructors at best competitive rates and prices in the market available. 
  • Doesn’t matter if you are a novice or nervous  driver, if you are a beginner, or you haven’t been behind the wheel ever in your life, or you are an old age person who think that he or she cannot drive a car in his or her remaining life – We are here for you at your service ma’am and sir! 
  • Each and every course that is provided by us comes with the advantage of flexible timings –  You can actively choose the timings of your classes as per your convenience and availability and we will adjust/manage the rest for you! We can even reschedule your class for you if there is an urgent engagement coming up! 
How does GDL work? 

We focus on convenient, effective, efficient driving lessons at best competitive prices

  • The first step is a very basic step in which you need to earn or obtain a learner’s licence. 
  • The second step to get a graduated rival licensing program is that you have to practice driving behind the wheels for a vehicle for a period of three fourth of an year with a supervised and highly skilled teacher. 
  • It is compulsory that you successfully complete the required driver training education program within the desired time duration. 
  • You should also practice driving behind the wheels as a class 5 novice one driver for a period of half an year. 
  • You should aim to be a driver at class five novice 2 driver for a period of an year with zero incidents i.e. you should be suspended, traffic conviction and fault collision free.  Unfortunately, if there is an incident or an accident and you are involved in it, then as a novice 2 driver, you will be required to restart your 1 year accident-free program again.  
  • The eligibility to gain a graduated driving licensing program is that you should be a graduate to an experienced class 5 driver’s licence. 

Do you have a question? 

  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding our driving course, then you can contact us 24×7 at the given phone number or Email[email protected] 

Our driving school provides you a professional, reputable driving education that aims at providing you with the required confidence for passing your road test and driving safely on the roads anywhere across the globe.

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