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Safety & smart driving matters !

All our teachers are SGI certified, who go out of the way to make driving a fun activity for you. They inculcate interactive and creative methods  to teach driving. This aids our students to learn driving easily and quickly. So now let’s know more about our driving school saskatoon. We provide driving education training in Saskatoon and nearby area. LGBTQ friendly + Transgender safe space.

SGI Certified

All our teachers, educators and instructors are SGI Class 5 certified.

Online Classes On Weekends

Grab our 6 hours online in-class sessions.

Car Rental Option

We also offer car on rent for testing
on the road.

Training – 2 Modules

SGI training is offered in 2 modules: The first one is 6 hours in car + The second one is 6 hours in class.

Learning Ensurance

We ensure that you have learnt and practiced your lessons well before hitting the road.

Multiple Languages

Our services are offered in multiple languages.

Installment Option

Pay the fees in 2 or 3 installments.

Driving Schedule

Driving classes will be available during daytime hours.

Free Pickup & Drop

We offer free pickup and drop service in the entire area.

Want To Be A Safe Driver?

Our Packages

SGI 6&6 Training

Our SGI commercial 6 plus 6 training consist of following.

  • The SGI training package is divided into two modules. The first module consists of 6 hours training in class on weekends. This will be conducted as per your availability.
  • The other 6 hours training will be conducted in-car. 
  • As promised, you will be picked off and dropped off at your desired location free of cost. 
  • If it is required by you, then we can also provide pre and post follow up lessons. 
  • The cars provided will be dual controlled to ensure your proper safety and security. 
  • This package is also provided in multiple languages such as English, Punjabi, Hindi & Urdu.
  • At least one hour in-car course duration. 
  • The timings of the classes can be adjusted according to your availability i.e. the timings of the courses are flexible. 
  • SGI Certification when you complete the course successfully. 
  • Note – Kindly note that the certificate will be mailed to the provided email address.

6 Hours
In-Class Only 

  • 6 hours in-class training every weekend as per your availability on zoom. 
  • You will be awarded with a certificate when you complete the course successfully. 
  • Note – Kindly note that the certificate will be mailed to you on your address. 

Refresher Lesson

  • Flexible timings as per your availability.
  • You will be picked up and dropped off to your desired location FREE OF COST. .
  • At least one hour in-car course duration
  • The cars will be dual controlled to ensure your complete safety and security. 
  • As promised, the refresher lesson course package will be provided and delivered in multiple languages such as English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Pushto and Spanish. 
  • We can also provide you with pre and post follow ups, if in case you require them. 

Road Test Package 

Aim driving school provides following services in road test package.

  • The cars provided will be dual controlled to ensure your proper safety and security. 
  • This package is also provided in multiple languages such as English, Punjabi, Hindi & Urdu. 
  • The timings of the classes can be adjusted according to your availability i.e. the timings of the courses are flexible. 
  • As promised, you will be picked off and dropped off at your desired location free of cost. 
  • If it is required by you, then we can also provide pre and post follow up lessons. 
  • The specialty of this package is that you will be provided are 60 minute warm up lesson before your exam. 

What people are saying

The drivers at the driving school are so professional that they know exactly what they are doing. They will only focus on the training for the exam throughout their course. I would recommend this driving school Saskatoon as my experience was a very positive one. Do you know that I cleared my road test in the very first attempt? – Due to all the skills and techniques that the teachers, who are by the way highly qualified, taught me at this driving school. I am very much pleased without the driving skills of the highly qualified teacher at this institute. If you want to clear your driving road test with flying colours in the very first attempt, then you should join this driving school ASAP
Tom Reeves
The instructors at this driving school are very friendly and professional. They really made me comfortable and I was able to pass my driving test with flying colours. All thanks and credit goes to this driving school – all the drivers at this driving school saskatoon are SGI certified and they focused on everything that is of utmost importance and explained everything to me with utmost care. Just one of best driving lessons in Saskatoon !
Jim Smith
Well I do not believe in the rating game, but if you will ask me, then I will give this driving school and its passionate teachers a 100/100 for their exceptional teaching skills. I have not seen such a passionate, friendly, calm and patient teacher ever in my life. Good going this driving school Saskatoon! Kudos!
Alexa Chase
My driving experience with this Driving School was very satisfying and a positive one. It is one of the best driving school saskatoon. The driving teacher who was appointed to me was very calming, kind and passionate about his work. He made driving a child’s play for me. I would highly recommend and suggest all of you who are willing to learn driving at affordable costs in our region as well as nearby regions. Best 6 and 6 course in Saskatoon
Elizabeth Jones
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Let’s Feedback!

We’d love to hear your feedback or answer any questions you may have.

Common Questions

A. In order to get a class 7 learners license you need to pass 3 exams. The first one is the basic knowledge exam, the second one is the signs exam and the third one is a vision test. If you want to practice for this license, then you can practice by studying the Saskatchewan driver’s handbook and taking various interactive online practice quizzes for the same. You can practice exams from SGI official website

A. Graduated driver license six and six program driving lessons in Saskatoon contains six hours in car and six hours in class training for a student, who has not completed driver training through a Saskatchewan high school driver program of education.

A. Come on! We are known for teaching and delivering each and every lesson in many different languages in our driving school saskatoon. You can choose any of our driving courses and get it delivered to you specifically in many different languages such as English, Punjabi, Hindi & Urdu.

A. We will be very honest with this answer. You are required to have your driving lessons with our SGI certified driving teacher only in our provided vehicle as it is equipped with dual break for safety.

If you really want to get tutored in your own vehicle or your family car, then a maximum of what we can do for you is, you know, we can provide you with a supervising driving teacher who can help you in every step for basic driving suggestions and maneuvers. 

Doing this will provide a positive experience for both you and your driver.

If we go by SGI practice law for a new drivers, then it is recommended that a new driver should practice at least a minimum of 36 hours behind the wheels (of course with brakes) .

If I talk practically then the number of lessons an individual require to learn driving completely depends upon how much or how little effort he or she is willing to put. You need practice, the more you do, the more you will get better.

So each lesson with the class 5 instructor makes you better. You can practice same with your own vehicle as much as you can.

We do provide training in Saskatoon and all over Saskatchewan. Our main office runs from Saskatoon. But if you are from outside of Saskatoon, Please talk to our Saskatoon’s phone line at 306-880-8043 or email [email protected] to check if we are providing service in your area.

We also offer 6 hours online Zoom class every other Sunday. You can register and participate from your home as its online education.

We have been asked many time when people do research online to find the “best driving school in saskatoon”. If you ask us we will say that we definitely do everything to provide best driving education. So you can call us “best driving school in saskatoon”. But there are other schools which are also SGI certified driving school and have a good education record. So please research thoroughly online, read their reviews, compare prices and then choose a school that works best for you.

It depends on your driving skills. We teach the way the SGI driver handbook recommends. May be you are good in driving or may be not. Everyone is different. So we will be able to comment only after assessment (after first driving lesson). Based on that we will make a plan and teach you to prepare for the road test. Its a good idea to take consistent lessons from 2 to 4 hours in every week.

We charge $80-$90 per hour. Prices always varies between that range. Sometime we have promotions going on and we provide discounts. Please check with us before you book. Best way is to call/text 306-880-8043 for a quick response.

Yes we do. We will provide you a certificate on completion of 6 hours driving. It can cost you between $80-$90 per hour. Please check with us if we have any promotion at that time.

There are couple of ways to find the SGI Certified driving instructors in saskatoon. But we are going to list two easy ways here:-

  1. Go to google and search “driving school saskatoon”. There are list of driving schools, you can read review, compare prices and contact the best one you find.
  2. Go directly to the SGI WEBSITE and find one from there.

If you are in Saskatoon or Regina. We do provide free pickup and drop off service in each driving lesson you take. So you don’t have to find the school near you when the school’s instructor is coming to pick you up. Again, its a free service as long as you are in the city (Saskatoon and Regina).

It cost $ 150 for 6 hours online class on ZOOM. For SGI 6/6 course. We provide online session every other Sunday. Please check with us 306-880-8043 for registration and zoom link. Its totally fine if you are not in Saskatoon for this session as it will be all online. As the beauty of online is you can participate it from anywhere. We can mail your certificate after completion.

Those are our call center hours. It means we receive calls till 11pm. We can provide drive lessons till day light only

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Do you know that the driving school saskatoon is SGI certified Class 5? 

We offer the best in-car and in-class driving training to our students at the best competitive prices in the area. Many other driving school may charge you a hefty amount for the course, but not us! Kindly do not fall into their trap! so you will definitely get proper & best driving lessons in Saskatoon without any tension.

Driving schools saskatoon
Best Driving School Saskatoon
  • Best Safety Measures
  • Affordable fees 
  • Flexible timings
  • Multiple classroom formats
  • SGI certified teachers
  • Multiple Payment Options

We will be a true travel companion to you, and our journey will be safe and smooth even on bumpy roads. 

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We Focus on convenient, effective, efficient driving lessons at best competitive prices

Our drivers team consists of highly skilled, trained professionals who are dedicated towards their job and adhere to their commitment of serving our students with utmost sincerity. So just choose this safe and best driving school Saskatoon.

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